Engine Optimization

We can remap most car models, with both original and aftermarket control systems. Each remap is unique and tailored to suit the specific vehicle which is being remapped and, in order to ensure full control and functionality of the Engine Control System, the remapping software we use at Trollspeed is developed by us.

If you are interested in remapping you car, please contact us for quotation.


We use a dynamometer for adjusting vehicles with 2WD as well as 4WD, and are able to check the effect of all vehicles such as Cars Rally, Rally Cross Cars, Classic Vehicles, and Standard Cars. All cars are optimally adjusted.

We work with most existing programmable fuel injection systems on the market, including original systems, and are able to adjust fuel-injected engines as well as carburetor engines. Each customer is provided with a printout showing engine capacity, boost pressure, temperature among other things.


Engine Test Bench
Most newly built engines can be tested in our engine test stand, which gives the remapping an extremely high accuracy. We use the latest technology to measure as much data as possible, including turbo speed and cylinder pressure, and to obtain the best possible results.